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3D animations

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Visual Spe
cial Effects (, Flowplay Inc.)

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Video Trailer and Demo (Edoc Laundry)
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Web Episodes (Secret Central - Hasbro)
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E-Learning Tutorial (Smashing Ideas)

Electronic Cards (Smashing Ideas & Zigzagit)
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Cartoons (Personal projects)
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Flash Ad Banners (For Flowplay Inc., Street Hoops)



Click on the links below to see 3D dance moves created for
These samples are 3D AVI files, large files may take a while to open.
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  » James Brown
» Funky Chicken
» Neck Move
» Swaying
» Body Sway
» Side Step
» Super Stop
» Kick Stop
» Jump Back
» Arm Wave
» 2 Step
» Stomp Spin
» Hand Switch


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